Nolan K - A Mine of Good Advice

From mining to money management; this 21-year-old has discovered that a sound financial future is attainable with little more than three hours work a week.

Dominic Osbourne talks with Nolan Keen who, just eight months ago, was spending most of his time underground as a belt splicer, visiting mines throughout Australia. An interesting job, some would say, but not for Nolan it was a means of earning good money in return for some hard work.

As his 21st birthday approached, he started thinking about investing some of his hard earned money and through self-study secured a few shares. Whilst recognizing that he's own studies had been helpful, Nolan had a hunger to learn more.

With the plan of establishing a sound and secure financial future, Nolan returned to the Sunshine State to begin studying with ACOFE. With the plan firmly in place he not only began studies at the college but also secured a job with them, as a means of paying for he's study and having a finger on the pulse.

"I had read a lot of information about shares and the stock market and was looking for an investment opportunity and a substantial income. After studying with ACOFE for about three months I was at a point of live trading. I took an active approach and went to every lesson both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and since then my most memorable trade was of reaching 96% for just one month of trading" says Nolan.

'It's a lot more laid back than the tertiary education and is a style of learning. You can go to the weekend courses and also to the trader's groups on Tuesday and Thursday nights. With the trader's groups its like a three hour tutorial and is basically a group discussion between teachers and students.

Students actually answer some of the questions which is good and it gives you the chance to see what other people are seeing from trading charts which may often be different to what you are seeing, you can learn from each other' he explains.

Nolan has chosen to be a passive style trader working on weekly charts rather than daily and enjoys the ease at which he can trade whilst still holding down his full time job with the college.

"I would probably spend three to four hours a week looking at charts and trading, mostly on the weekends. I have text message alerts sent to my phone from my broker because I lead a fairly hectic lifestyle and can then execute my trades when needed. I make all of my decisions on the weekend and then after a text message alert I can just issue a stock take and the price which gives me the buy or sell signal then I can log onto the net or make a call to my broker and trade that way, you don't even need to be near your computer!"  Nolan says.

"At the moment I like the challenge of going to work but the opportunity ACOFE has given me means that in the future I'll be in a position to choose. I'm still fairly young but as an indication of who can study, the youngest student is only 13 years old and the best thing about studying with ACOFE is there is always help available" he adds.
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