Christina M - Mum's the Word

"No matter how smart you are, the tutors make it really interesting and easy to learn" Christina says. "I know of some people in my course that brought along their grandson and he was only in his early teens and he seemed to be learning as well."

Joining with ACOFE is a lifetime relationship, which means that investment lessons are always available for your service, even if you go away for a while and want to come back only to become refreshed on ideas. For beginners, live share trading can be a very testing time, but one that they take you through step by step.

"It's a big step to put your money in and the scariest thing is doing your first trade. But once you're in there you see money differently" she says. "At the moment I'm just testing out different techniques and finding out what works for me and that's what they train you to do all the time. They encourage you to try different scenarios until you find one that works for you."

Going to ACOFE'S investment classes is an ideal place for people to not only learn from their tutors but to also speak to other people who are in the same situation as you are. With weekly and monthly classes available at your disposal.

"For me I needed to specifically go to classes rather than just do in my own time" she says. "Sometimes they have lessons just for beginners and all the old traders go to that as well. I'm really much more interested in it than I thought I would be. I'm meeting new people too. I've met some other women there and we have formed our own little chat group, which is very helpful."

With the continual hike in interest rates and the constant rise of inflation, to the average person a diverse range of investments is becoming more and more important.

"Hopefully we can use this right along the way through life, I'm still quite young and it is important for us to have a comfortable life."

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