ACOFE Course Outline

1.                  Trading the Financial Markets

1.1              Share Trading

1.1.1        Entry Level Technical Trading (ELT) and Risk Management Procedures


The ELT course is an introductory course designed to remove the mystique that surrounds share trading. It is often the first exposure that many students have to the share market and technical analysis.

At the completion of the ELT course students will:

·         Document a comprehensive trading plan for use on the Australian share market
·         Identify major risk elements involved in share trading
·         Apply risk management procedures to manage the consequences of the risks that have
been identified
·         Apply technical analysis tools to identify trade entry signals, exit signals, and price targets
·         Use up-to-date learning techniques to determine where to focus their learning

Formal contact time:         14 hours

Project work expected:     14 hours minimum


1.1.2        Advanced Beginner Technical Trading (ABT) and Risk Management Procedures


In the ABT course students build on their experience in the ELT course … this time they focus more on the technical analysis tools and on fine-tuning the knowledge and skills acquired during their previous attendance at the weekend workshop. Depending on the scheduling of the Trader Tutorial Courses, students will normally have completed one or two of the tutorial courses before attending the ABT.


At the completion of the ABT course students will have as a minimum standard the competencies included in the nationally accredited Course in Trading and Technical Analysis. While ACOFE is not accredited to assess and certify competencies in this course students completing the ACOFE course are expected to achieve Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) should they wish to seek such recognition. 


Formal contact time:         14 hours

Project work expected:     14 hours minimum



1.1.3        Trader Tutorial Courses


The trader tutorial courses are designed to help students improve and advance their trading skills in specific areas of share trading. Each tutorial is a stand-alone course in its own right. Attendance at the ELT course is a pre-requisite for attending the trader tutorial courses. To ensure maximum impact of these tutorial courses, participant numbers are restricted. It is expected that each student will complete each tutorial course at least twice.



1. ELTL01     Trend Lines and Turning Points


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this training session participants will:

 §  Draw resistance trend lines that define downward market price movement,
§  Draw support trend lines that define upward market price movement,
§  Draw horizontal support and resistance lines that define sideways price movement,
§  Identify turning points to act as construction points for drawing trend lines,
§  Define “turning points” based on the “two-in-two-out” principle,
§  Describe the circumstances when it is not essential to apply the strict definition of “turning point”,
§  Demonstrate the discipline of keeping closing prices below resistance lines and above support lines,
§  Use trend lines as the basis for listening to the market for buy and sell signals.

2. ELTI01      Technical Indicators


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this training session participants will:

 ·         Define “Technical Indicator”,
·         Describe clearly the role of technical indicators in trading,
·         Identify buy and sell signals from single moving averages, dual moving averages, and from
          the histogram representation of the MACD,
·         List the strengths and weaknesses of the MACD,
·         Apply the MACD(H) to change-of-trend trades,
·         Interpret and describe price momentum by reference to the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI), ·         Calculate the value of an RSI,
·         List the strengths and weaknesses of the RSI,
·         Apply the RSI to re-entry trades.


3. ELCP01     Chart Patterns for Trading


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this training session participants will:

 ·         Describe and identify flag patterns on price charts,
·         Describe and identify pennant patterns on price charts,
·         Describe and identify ascending and descending triangle patterns on price charts,
·         Identify the most probable direction of price break-out from the chart patterns,
·         Calculate price targets from chart patterns,
·         Trade for the break-out from chart patterns,
·         Identify conflicting signals from chart patterns,
·         Apply trading rules in situations where there are conflicting signals from chart patterns,
·         Identify and interpret Double Top and Double Bottom patterns,
·         Calculate price targets from Double Top and Double Bottom patterns,
·         Identify and interpret Head and Shoulders patterns,
·         Calculate price targets from Head and Shoulders patterns.

4. ELVP01     Volume Studies


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this training session participants will:

·         Define “Volume of Trades”
·         Define “Volume of Transactions”,
·         Determine the strength of a price move by making reference to Volume Studies,
·         Identify volume climax patterns,
·         Identify volume trend patterns,
·         Apply volume studies to price chart patterns, to increase the probability of making
          profitable trades.


5. ELTP01     Trading Plan and Risk Management


Learning Objectives:


At the end of this training session participants will:

 ·         Document the key components of a trading plan,
·         Evaluate two different methods of applying money management and risk
management parameters to a trading plan,
·         Explain the importance of each and every component of money management as they apply
          to trading,
·         Expand individual trading plans to incorporate trading set-ups above and beyond
          change-of-trend and re-entry trades.


6. ELRA01     Review and Self Assessment Exercise


Students / participants will be set a case study assignment based on subject areas and skills learned in the Introduction Weekend, and reinforced in the various tutorials and traders’ group activities.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this training session participants will:

·         Review the case study material that they have completed,
·         Identify areas in which they are competent,
·         Identify areas that require more work,
·         Devise and document an action plan for live trading and / or further education.


1.2              Options Trading


1.2.1        Introduction to Options Trading


At the completion of the course on the introduction to options trading participants will:

·         Demonstrate the use and interpretation of pay-off diagrams
·         Identify why traders use options
·         List the risks and opportunities open to both buyers and sellers of options
·         Define put options
·         Define call options
·         Describe the use of options as hedging tools
·         Use technical analysis on the underlying share market to determine the most
          probable direction of the market
·         Perform technical analysis on the options price to trade that option
·         Apply volatility indicators to the underlying market to help with the decision to buy
or sell the option


Formal contact time:         8 hours

Project work expected:     8 hours minimum



1.2.2        Basic Options Trading Strategies


At the completion of the Basic Options Trading Strategies course students will:

·         Describe the features and benefits of using specific options trading strategies
·         Illustrate the market conditions that dictate what strategy or strategies to employ
·         Construct and interpret pay-off diagrams for particular options strategies
·         Translate the specific options strategies to charts of the underlying share price action
·         Illustrate the use of stop loss techniques as they relate to trading options


Formal contact time:         5 hours

Project work expected:     10 hours minimum






1.3              Futures Trading



2.                  Investing for Wealth Creation and Growth

2.1              Basic Principles of Investing for Growth

2.2              Residential Real Estate


2.4              Cash

2.5              The Plan and the Balanced Portfolio





3.                  Using Trading and Investing Tools


It is essential that individual traders learn to make productive use of their tools of trade. To ensure that this happens there are three courses designed to help the new trader to become operational, confident and proficient with the trading software that is being used. To this end there are three specific courses that form part of the ACOFE total education package. They are:


3.1              Getting Started with IC3000

3.2              Extended Techniques with IC3000, and

3.3              Advanced Techniques with IC3000


Getting started with IC3000 is a one-on-one course that takes the student from installation of trading software to the basic uses. At the end of the Getting Started with IC3000 course the student will:

·         Download daily price data
·         Call up charts of specific company price data
·         Save charts of specific companies in specialised directories
·         Apply trendlines to charts
·         Adjust parameters of indicators
·         Apply indicators to price charts
·         Alternate between daily, weekly and monthly charts


Formal contact time:         2 hours

Practice expected:             10 hours minimum


Extended Techniques with IC3000 is a classroom-style course designed for students who have attended the ELT course and have mastered the basic operation of the trading tool. At the end of this course the student will:

·         Label buy and sell signals on the charts
·         Apply multiple indicators to charts
·         Write text commentaries directly onto the charts
·         Record background information using the memo facility
·         Create and manage watch lists
·         Create and manage portfolio lists 
·         Identify price targets using the price projection tool


Formal contact time:         3 hours

Project work expected:     3 hours minimum



Advanced Techniques with IC3000 is also a classroom-style course. It is designed for active traders and those actively trading options. At the completion of this course the student will:

·         Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the latest additions to the trading toolkit
·         Update the options tree facility
·         Determine the “best value” options by application of the derivatives tools       


Formal contact time:         3 hours

 Project work expected:         3 hours minimum       

ACOFE Educators

Mr. Rob Lennox - Dean of Studies
  • Rob has nationally recognized qualifications in training and assessment.
  • A background in teaching children and adult education
  • An Honors Degree from the Macquarie University in Research Biology
  • A member of the Australian Assoc. of Technical Analysts
  • Curriculum Coordinator for the National Institute Of Financial Studies
  • Rob managed the financial Planning division for N.A.B for five years
  • Rob has written articles on trading the share market in such magazines as Share Trader
  • Currently Trades Futures and Shares on the ASX.

Mr. Peter Varcoe
  • Peter brings a wealth of experience and different education methods to ACOFE
  • Formerly a Student of Mr Rob Lennox, he has evolved his understanding of technical analysis beyond
  • most people in the industry.
  • Highly regarded by many of his peers, including authors, fellow traders and fund managers, Peter, takes
  • our students technical skills to an unrivalled level.

Why Choose ACOFE

ACOFE Facts:
  • Established in March 2001
  • Over 1200 enrolled students in the college
  • Head Office is on the Sunshine Coast with an office in West End Brisbane
  • Our last survey demonstrated a 96% customer satisfaction rate
  • All courses are self paced, repeatable and have accompanying excercises
  • We have secured who we believe to be the best educators in the industry
  • We have the best resources available
  • Our team of people have over 75 years of experience, in the field of wealth creation
  • We continue to research and developed the best resources to efficiently deliver the information contained in our courses
  • We also spend thousands of dollars on research each year
  • Our educators do not derive their primary income from the College but are extremely successful traders and investors in their own right
  • Our educators have been successfully trading or have been involved in the financial markets for in excess of 20 years

A Sample of what ACOFE can teach you:
  • An Overview of the Stock Market
  • How to identify and limit your risk on every trade
  • How to identify your personal psychology of Trading & how it affects your results!
  • Share Market and derivatives trading methodology
  • Trend Determination
  • Up, down or sideways ‚Äì there is an opportunity in each of them
  • Support / Resistance levels, amazing evidence of history repeating itself!
  • Entry technique and Order placement, online broker reviews
  • What, when and how to buy
  • Stop loss levels, exit signals and order placements.
  • What, when and how to sell
  • Understanding and interpreting chart patterns
  • Money management principles
  • Advanced topics such as options and aggressive trading strategies
  • Putting it all together for a simple, effective and easy to execute trading plan
  • Profit targeting
  • Profit trapping techniques

Share Trading Course Packages

Below is a break down of what is included in this package:

A comprehensive manual professionally prepared for ACOFE by the National Institute of Financial Studies. This manual is designed to take you from an entry-level understanding through to an advanced understanding of the share market. It includes detailed insights into technical analysis and charting of shares as well as options, currencies and overseas markets.

We want all our students to achieve there goals and succeed in all levels. The Student Manuals have been designed to enable you to become as comfortable and familiar with the procedures and course structure as quickly as possible.

IC Investor is Australia's most comprehensive and complete software package. Designed by Jody Elliss, 30 Minute Portfolio Management with complete Tax inclusions Stop Loss & Money Management Strategies. More than 100 Indicators, Oscillators, and Studies Profitability System Testing Proven Pre-written Market Scans, Fundamental Data, Fundamental Analysis, Customise Indicators, Derivatives Valuations and Derivatives Formulas.


Managing your Portfolios has never been easier. IC Investor is the only software that can track and report on all your financial investments. It will handle an unlimited number of portfolios and an unlimited number of transactions in each portfolio.

Your portfolios are updated automatically from your electronic data feed or they can be manually entered. Apart from giving concise tax reports and graphical representations, IC Investor handles all the unique Australian tax issues related to. It is also the only portfolio software on the market that can graphically analyse you portfolio. You can generate a pie graph of your holdings or you can graph your portfolio on potential profit, cost base, and dollar value. These three unique functions allow you to elevate your investments compared to a market index and instantly show potentials and deficiencies in you portfolio.

ACOFE Package Also Includes:

Any questions, queries, challenges, or requests can and will be attended to as soon as possible by our dedicated ACOFE staff. We at ACOFE are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in your time frames, that is how our success is judged. In this package you receive one on one tuition, our educators are available to answer your questions and guide your learning.


ACOFE's Student Support Groups are small groups of students who gather every week/fortnight to discuss chart patterns, trading techniques and enhance their knowledge through listening to other students experiences. The benefits gained from like-minded people sharing experiences, knowledge and information on trading are numerous, including enhanced motivation, accelerated learning and increased confidence to actively trade. Groups are decided by students' location and current level of knowledge.

Included in this package you and your immediate family may attend All Weekend Workshops. Our weekend workshops are educational presentations coordinated and presented by professional traders who have a passion for education.

For further information on our Share Trading Course Packages, please contact our head office on 07) 5444 0499 or email your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Why Learn About Share Trading

The statistical data available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics continues to confirm that the vast majority of Australians will experience a lifestyle in retirement afforded by an income determined by the old age pension.

Undoubtedly most people employed today will have some funds available to them from compulsory superannuation contributions, which will either remove their entitlement to the old age pension or run out before they die. Exhausting ones superannuation will result in these people having to revert back to the old age pension in their twilight years, usually when living expenses and associated medical costs are expected to increase.


Over the last twenty years, through our various involvements in the financial services sectors, we have met thousands of Australians striving to get ahead financially, whilst also attempting to maintain their lifestyle and its associated expenses.

This group of Australians have had a broad range of educational backgrounds, - doctors, solicitors, tradesman, nurses, specialists, accountants, engineers, and business owners, many of them have also had enviable incomes.

These attributes don't seem to pre dispose people to financial success.

Across this fairly broad cross section of Australians, we have seen universal difficulty experienced with the concepts of investing whilst actively pursuing day to day life.

Their experiences with financial planning firms, generally leaves a sour taste. Often resulting in complaints about paying fees whilst their fund balance goes south.

Attempts to budget to free up some extra funds for investment end up failing, as this always seems conflicts with the current financial needs and desires.

These are what we call conventional approaches. We are certain they have and will continue to fail our population dismally, the strategies and time frames never really connect with the majority, leaving the average Australian too little time and way to much stress at the end of their working life to accumulate the required asset base to ensure a comfortable retirement.

If this sounds familiar, then stick with me, there must be an answer, not every body ends up on the old age pension or living below the poverty level when they retire!!

So what's the alternative to this ‚"CONVENTIONAL" approach? We believe it comes down to ten 2 letter words


By this we mean, take control of your own financial future, gain the knowledge to invest your own funds. At the end of the day, every body will to some extent determine their lifestyle choices in retirement by the ability as an investor...
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