Do I need a computer?
Yes, the age of the internet and the computer has brought many aspects of investing right into our home. The internet offers a huge resource and very user friendly method of accessing the worlds investment markets. Many of our students take advantage of our wholesale computer packages.

Do I need to be a computer genius?
No in fact the software for share charting for example is very intuitive and we offer initial and ongoing training both in group sessions and one on one to take you from whatever computer literacy you may have.

Do I need to commit hours each day to get through the course?
Our course is completely self paced. Many students have busy work schedules and are unable to commit time every day. Obviously the more time you invest the sooner you are likely to master the principles of the course and be ready to start applying the knowledge. We would suggest that during the share trading course it is wise to develop the routine of small amounts of time every day. About half and hour to an hour so that you are already in the routine when you go live. The property and other courses don't have such a routine time commitment and can be easily digested by most students during one of our workshops.

Do I need to have access to large amounts of money to benefit from this knowledge?
The amount you start with is entirely up to you.

Do I need to have any previous experience?
No, we do cater to a range of entry levels with minimum entry level education requirements set at year 9. Our educators have decades of educational experience and are all active traders and investors.

How do we demonstrate our quality and commitment?
Our students comments and feedback offer our greatest statement of quality and satisfaction, so be sure to read through the testimonials we have on display for you.

We will also offer you the opportunity to attend one of our workshops or traders groups before you join. You are able to meet with the director or any of the educators one on one again prior to you completing your enrolment with us.

Why do people enrol their whole family?
Many of our students enrol in the later years of their working life. Often this is after they have tried different methods of accumulating wealth and investing often under the advice of a qualified professional.

Unfortunately it has been our experience that these conventional methods often conflict with the time frames of the ordinary Australian. Quite often these externally guided strategies come unwound when life's hurdles spring up and take us down a different path.

The idea that financial intelligence is a pre-requisite to financial independence is quickly gaining momentum across Australia. Many Parents are also recognizing the value of sooner rather than Later.

The ACOFE GOLD FAMILY membership allows these parents to gift their children the opportunity and the benefit of the early attainment of this essential life skill and knowledge.
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