Terry D - Trade Secrets

A Sunshine Coast company shares some insider tips on trading the stock market and makes a lot of locals happy.

"I'd always wanted to be able to trade the markets but I'd never got involved because I didn't think I had enough knowledge to do it with confidence. When ACOFE came along and I thought I'd have a go" says local teacher and business owner Terry Doocey.

Since he became a member of Acofe 18 months ago Terry has been honing in his skills and easily holding his own minimal amount of capital while saving for his relocation to Hong Kong later in the year.

"The skills you learn with trading you can take anywhere in the world" says Terry, "I enjoy being able to look at the markets and analyse it from a chart position not an emotional perspective.

You learn not to just pick a company you like and invest in it but to look at its past performance, whether it is paying dividends and, if so, how much. I didn't think I could go into it without having any skills at all but now I can trade with confidence."

Terry not only finds is easy to make strong investment decisions these days he also found it very easy to learn what he needed to know to make them.

"Because of the way they have it structured with the workshops and seminars, when you're member it doesn't cost anything to attend so you can go to the same seminar a couple of times over and once you hear the information a second time it really sinks in.

You can really grasp what they are teaching you."

What they are teaching is a system of trading shares that offers a straightforward way of making crucial investment decisions by breaking market information into manageable bites. Once learnt, it can take just a few minutes every day to manage your investments and plenty of past ACOFE students have doubled their income, secured their retirement or fast tracked superannuation by doing just that.

It is a trend Terry definitely intends to follow in the future. "I'm confident in the knowledge that if I do trade with good capital I have the skills and the tools to be successful at it" he says. "If anybody talks about the stock market I don't hesitate to recommend them to try the Acofe way of trading."
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